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The Reese family (Barry’s Grandpa) started farming in the Didsbury area in 1945. He had range cattle and was a grain farmer. We are now third generation on the land in Didsbury and currently have 100 commercial cows and 150 purebred Charolais cows. In addition to the cows we have 1900 acres of cultivated land primarily into hay, barley and canola.

In 2009 we purchased our first Charolais cows from Silver Shadow Charolais in Vermillion. We then purchased more cows from Double L Ranch in Innisfail in the fall of 2009. In 2010 we purchased some more cows from Double L and Quantum (one of our herd bulls) that we currently use with a number of our cows.

Even though we are relatively new to the Charolais purebred business we have run Charolais bulls in commercial herd for over twenty years.

Our herd consist of both White and Red factor Charolais. Our cows calf in January, February, and March and then wean our calves off in September. We start culling our bull calves from day we wean them until our bull sale which is held in March at the Innisfail Auction Mart.

Our philosophy is that not very bull calf will make a bull and we only bring our best to our sale. Some other criteria that we use when culling our bull calves is we would pay good money to purchase this bull to use on our commercial cows. Also if we can’t handle a bull safely they go on the trailer and we also use this criteria with our cows.